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Projects at the Lambertville Arts and Crafts Camp

Every day at the camp will be filled with arts and crafts projects. Below is just a small sampling of the projects we'll be offering this year.

Green Group (ages 7 to 9):

Campers will learn a number of interesting acrylic painting techniques. Projects include still life painting on canvas as well as decorative painting on wooden objects.

"I painted a jewelry box for my sister who's going away to college!" -Amanda, age 8

The Japanese art of paper folding, origami, is an ancient tradition. Campers enjoy the challenge of making traditional cranes, boxes, holiday ornaments, and other objects without the need for scissors or glue.

"My favorite project at camp was origami. I made cool people, birds, and ornaments just by folding paper!" -Jamie, age 9

Campers will learn to sketch and draw with pastels, and even create their own self-portraits. The basics of color theory will be explored in the process.

"Pastels were fun! I especially liked trying to draw people with them using every color of the rainbow." -William, age 7

Orange Group (ages 10 to 12):

Campers will explore fiber arts with Tunisian-style crochet. Each student will complete a unique scarf and hat set.

"I though crocheting was hard at first, but it turned out to be simple and I love my new hat and scarf!" -Gina, age 10

Pottery is a favorite class at the camp. Campers try freeform sculpture and the potter's wheel, creating original mugs and bowls.

"I liked getting messy working with clay. My dad uses the mug I made him every day." -Charlie, age 12

Most campers are already familiar with colored pencil drawing, so we teach a number of more advanced techniques. Campers draw on various media and employ a number of shading techniques.

"Drawing is my favorite thing to do and I had fun learning new ways to color and shade my pictures." -Evan, age 11