Darren Drake: Keyboards/vocals

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Darren began playing the piano in 8th grade after becoming extremely bored with the trumpet.

After graduating from Athens High School in Troy, he attended Wayne State University, and left behind his music and his band life for 4 years. After getting a BA in BS (public relations) he was sucked back in to the music business by some friends, making his parents thankful for sending him to college.

A lot of Jazz and funk projects and even a classic rock band (yuck... although the Toto songs were cool) later, Darren ended up in the original Killer Flamingos. He says, "Once you're in a Rock band everything else seems dull."

Darren has worked very hard for years to keep the Killer Flamingos one of Detroit's most cutting edge, hip bands. One of his biggest influences is Prince (but we all knew that, didn't we?). When he's not playing music he's windsurfing or skiing, traveling, or even breakdancing ("it's making a comeback, I swear"). Oh yea, and he's allergic to everything!