David Gondoly: Bass/vocals

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David was born downriver and quickly forced into an affection for music by the time he was five. The mellow tones of the organ quickly warmed his heart and pained his ears. Then, after buying his first rock record (Def Leppard's "Pyromania", of course), he decided on another instrument that wouldn't scare the other kids in the neighborhood. Thus began his adventures in bass guitar.

David studied privately through his grade school years, but (like most things) he didn't take it very seriously until he enrolled at Wayne State University. It was then he realized that he wasn't very good at his instrument (he says he "sucked" at it). Dave decided it was time to get down to business. Hundreds of coffee laden, all-night practice sessions later, he became aware the he had a talent for bass guitar. Most importantly he discovered a love for music.

Soon our hero hooked up with Todd (guitar) and they formed their first band, Vision. David was heavily influenced by jazz music and the melodic outlook of artists like Louis Armstrong and Ray Brown, but he just couldn't seem to shake his rock 'n' roll roots. As his experiences in college grew more intense he discovered fusion and artists like Gary Willis, John Patitucci, and Victor Wooten. Dave played in a few bands of critical acclaim and slowly began building a reputation on the Detroit music scene. He spent four years giving private lessons, while still taking lessons himself from local double bass legend Dan Pliskow.

After graduating from Wayne State, David picked up a job in retail while still working with some other local bands. Realizing that he was missing his calling and wanting to work full-time in music, he got together with his friend Todd and answered an ad in the Metro Times placed by none other than the Killer Flamingos. David says that he was impressed by their musicianship and onstage persona. The two were hired and they all lived happily ever after, until...