Steve Cooley: Drums/vocals

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Steve Cooley was not born on Earth, but rather was genetically engineered by scientists in a laboratory at the center of the Earth's core. Although he appears mostly human and shares many characteristics of human beings, he is in fact what zoologists term a magma-man and falls under the classification of cacospecies. Although Steve has no parents in the true sense of the word, his features are distinctly pro-cartoonian, his genetic mother being a ferris-wheel operator at Disneyland and his genetic father being a box of crayons.

Steve is kept busy daily with rigorous stress testing and weapons training at The Newman Academy on Moon Base Seven, and hopes to one day join the fighting men and women aboard the starship Jimmyhat 1 in battling the fierce pooky-spiders that threaten our planet. In his spare time, Steve enjoys playing drums with The Killer Flamingos.