Todd Best: Guitar

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Raised in beautiful Northern Westland, Todd Best embarked on his musical voyage by learning to play guitar during his freshman year of high school. He was a quick study, having three older brothers who played guitar. By his junior year, he was playing in local bar bands and in his high school jazz band.

Upon graduation, Todd entered the Wayne State University Music Program, and began giving private guitar lessons at a Livonia music store. This was when he met Dave (bass), and the two have played together consistently since then. Concentrating his efforts on music theory, jazz guitar and music business, Todd has continued to play in original rock bands and a blues quartet, releasing several private label CDs.

In 1995, Todd earned his Bachelors degree in music. With his diploma lodged firmly beneath the short leg of his coffee table, he never lost sight of what was important... having a good time. An entertaining and energetic guitarist, Todd has both the talent and the stage presence to help the New Killer Flamingos ROCK in 2001.